CelluliteSmooth in Plano & Dallas, TX


CelluliteSmooth is the latest Minimally invasive Laser and VASER Cellulite Reduction procedure. Cellulite has been a stubborn cosmetic problem of unclear cause that affects mostly the abdomen, buttocks and thighs in women.

Many theories have been proposed about the causes of cellulite. For example, the current opinions are that the causes may be mostly genetic and hormonal, but other reasons are definitely possible.

Many non invasive cellulite treatments have been tried over the years, such as multiple creams, suction cups, massage, various external machines, etc. Unfortunately, all of these treatments seem to provide no more than short term improvement of cellulite. The problem has always been the unique structure of the skin and the fatty tissue under the skin, in areas of celliulite.

Research has demonstrated that the skin dimples of cellulite are caused by vertical fibers that are pulling down the skin. Around the dimples, the skin is elevated due to overgrowth of superficial compressed fat, which causes the skin to appear somewhat elevated.

None of the non invasive cellulite treatments does anything significant to the fibers that cause the skin dimpling and very little is done to the areas where elevated skin is caused by overgrowth of compressed superficial fat.

Cellulite treatment has changed dramatically only recently with the introduction of minimally invasive surgical cellulite reduction procedures, initially with laser and even more recently, with ultrasound, or VASER. For the first time it became possible to address the core issue of cellulite : The vertical fibers that cause skin dimpling and the overgrowth of superficial compressed fat around the dimpling.

There has not been yet any official publication of a scientific study presenting the results of these cellulite reduction procedures, since these treatments are so new. These studies should come soon because the case reports that have been presented by the initial teams are indicating that for the first time, patients with cellulite are having long term improvement in their cellulite with the new procedures.

Dr. Shalev is now offering Plano and Dallas -Ft. Worth area patients our unique CelluliteSmooth procedure, using VASER or Laser Cellulite Reduction or a combination of the two, to reduce Cellulite significantly. For cellulite that is particularly deep, we frequently also add fat grafting to help smooth even the deepest dimples. The average procedure time may be 45 minutes to 1 hour per body area. However, in patients with multiple cellulite sites the procedure may take longer.

Our CelluliteSmooth procedure is performed under local anesthetic, with or without sedation, per patient’s request. Examples of body areas treated could be the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, buttocks, upper anterior (front) thighs, lower anterior thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, posterior (back) thighs.

In your initial free consultation, you will be able to get more detailed answers to any question you may have on cellulite or on other cosmetic procedures. We are excited to offer the CelluliteSmooth procedure to Plano and Dallas -Ft. Worth patients, because it seems to give, for the first time, a chance of dramatic improvement of stubborn and unsightly cellulite problem that has been resistant to so many past treatments.

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