Facial Veins

Facial Spider Veins Treatment | Plano & Dallas, TX


Having visible veins on the face or nose can be an aesthetically unpleasant condition. The size of these veins ranges from small spider veins to 2-3 mm veins. They vary in numbers from just a few to clusters of multiple unsightly spider veins. They can occur anywhere in the face, but most commonly, on the cheeks, under the eyes and on the nose.

The reason why these veins appear in certain people is, most of the time, unknown. Facial veins can also be one of the symptoms of Rosacea, an unsightly skin disorder in which parts of the face develop a reddish discoloration, occasionally associated with, what looks like, adult acne. Unsightly facial veins frequently become an embarrassment and people who suffer from this problem have to wear makeup most of the time to hide their facial veins.


Treatment of facial veins has been based on the use of powerful lasers applied on the skin at the sites of the veins and injections of irritant medications which tend to close these veins (sclerotherapy). Both treatments are very similar to the traditional treatment of spider veins in the legs, but the face is a lot more sensitive than the legs and these treatments have been more painful than the same treatments in the legs.

Veinwave Thermocoagulation has been the latest development in facial vein treatment. It is highly effective and is less painful and less risky than laser or sclerotherapy treatments in the face . Veinwave uses microwave energy to coagulate the tiny facial veins.

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