Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer in Plano & Dallas/Ft. Worth

At Horizon Aesthetics Vein and Laser Center, we offer a state-of-the-art body contouring procedure known as fat transfer. This revolutionary treatment begins with a liposuction procedure to remove unwanted, localized pockets of fat from anywhere on the body. The fat is cleaned and treated at our office so that it can be injected into another body area that needs volume restoration.

Fat transfer is an effective way to treat multiple areas of concern in a single treatment session. At the same time a patient enjoys a leaner, firmer body contour in one area, another area also receives much needed volume for a younger, sexier look. Because the patient’s own fat cells are used for the procedure, there is no worry over an allergic reaction. Fat transfer also tends to last much longer than injections of dermal fillers previously used for some of these procedures.

About Liposuction

The first step in a fat transfer procedure is the removal of fat cells and tissue via liposuction. Liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses a narrow tube called a cannula to remove isolated areas of fat that have not responded well to diet and exercise. Common areas where liposuction is used include:

  • Buttocks, hips and thighs
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Calves and ankles
  • Back, chest and upper arms
  • Chin and neck

At Horizon Aesthetics Vein and Laser Center, we prefer the low-power Vaser tool for fat removal for the purpose of transfer. Vaser uses ultrasound technology to break fat down into smaller particles for easy elimination from the body. Another good option for this purpose is tumescent liposuction, which can be performed under local anesthetic using smaller cannulas than traditional liposuction procedures.

About Fat Injections

Once the fat is properly prepared, it can be injected into areas of the body in need of volume restoration. Common places where fat grafting is used include:

  • Face (cheeks, under eyes, jawline)
  • Hands
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts

Fat injections include significant numbers of stem cells in the formula. Stem cells are responsible for cell renewal, which can lead to smoother, younger looking skin. The results from this formula provide more natural results than dermal fillers. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can also be infused into the formula to give patients a healthy glow with longer-lasting results. Fat transfer has become a popular way for patients to combine body contouring and skin rejuvenation in a single treatment session.

Face rejuvenation with your own Stem Cells rich fat

Horizon Aesthetics, Vein and Laser Center Patients in Plano and Dallas / Ft. Worth can enjoy now the latest and the most significant advances in face rejuvenation. These advances have occurred with the use of Stem cells rich fat injections in the face at areas where the aging process has caused loss of the normal fat, at critical areas that give the face its youthful appearance.

Stem cells are unique as they can develop and form new, young cells. That’s why when they are injected to the face they can create a long lasting, really youthful and natural looking appearance of the face. When compared with synthetic facial fillers, the appearance of the face after Stem cell rich fat injections reminds more of the way that person looked years ago and it looks more natural .than with synthetic facial fillers. Stem cells frequently will recreate the “youthful glow”.

Platelet Rich Plasma -PRP
The patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma, that is rich with multiple growth factors, enhances also rejuvenation of the skin. It can be injected in the face under the skin and into the skin. It can be injected alone (sometimes called Vampire lift ) or it can be added to Stem cells rich fat prior to injections, which improves their rejuvenation abilities. Platelet Rich plasma has also other medical uses, such as helping heal chronic wounds, enhancing healing of spinal fusions, etc.

Rejuvenation of the aging hand with your own Stem Cells rich fat
With the use of Stem cell rich fat, Dr. Shalev is now offering Plano and Dallas / Ft. Worth patients an effective treatment that can provide long term improvement in the appearance of aging hands. The aging process can be seen frequently on the hands, where veins, bones and joints become too visible. Proper Stem cell rich fat injections in certain areas of the hands can make the hands look more youthful again .

Fat transfer to the face or hands requires relatively small volumes of concentrated fat. Transfer to the buttocks requires a much larger amount of fat to be harvested, processed and injected.

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

This procedure has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The need for this procedure is a matter of personal taste and it is clearly influenced by the media and culture.

Prior to the injection of fat into the buttocks we frequently need to perform liposculpture on the hips, part of the buttocks and outer thighs, to sculpt the buttocks and reshape them to look more round. This involves VASER, or Tumescent liposculpture of several body areas. Sculpting the areas around the buttocks is an important step needed to get the beautiful results that we like. After this stage is completed, the concentrated and processed Stem Cell rich fat is injected in a special manner to create great looking round buttocks.

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