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Varicose Vein & Spider Vein Facts | Plano & Dallas, TX


About half of the U.S. women and 20% of the men will be affected at some time by varicose veins or their smaller counterparts, reticular and spider veins. Reticular veins, usually found on the sides and in the back of the thighs, may or may not become serious and often cause tenderness or burning and itching. The web-like spider veins, typically found in the ankles and thighs, although tiny, are noticeable and unattractive.


The venous system is complex and subtle. That’s why the study and treatment of vein diseases is its own recognized medical specialty: phlebology.

Only phlebologists possess the extensive training and highly specialized knowledge needed to most effectively treat varicose veins. With focus on venous disorders, phlebologists tend to use more advanced and comprehensive methods – and have more experience – in the treatment of varicose veins than doctors from other specialties.


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