Combining Treatments

VASER Liposelection & SMARTLIPO Liposelection Procedures | Plano & Dallas, TX


Both VASER Liposelection and SMARTLIPO are much less invasive than traditional liposuction. Both are performed under local anesthetic, both achieve effective sculpting of the body, less bruising, less bleeding, less risk of serious complications and quicker recovery than traditional liposuction.

Both SMARTLIPO and VASER destroy the targeted fat cells permanently, but use different technology. SMARTLIPO uses laser energy (which is a super strong light energy), while VASER uses high frequency sound waves. SMARTLIPO uses a somewhat smaller tube (Cannula) that enters the skin, and therefore it is somewhat gentler, but slower than VASER. On the other hand, SMARTLIPO frequently achieves better skin tightening than VASER.

It makes sense to combine the advantages of SMARTLIPO and VASER in one modern liposuction procedure, using Vaser Liposelection to remove more fat faster in certain areas with a lot of fatty tissue, and use the SMARTLIPO on small fatty areas where a more gentle approach is particularly needed. SMARTLIPO can be used particularly to tighten the loose skin, which it does best.


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